Oral Problems Your Orthodontist should Work On

Oral Problems in Newport BeachSome people are born with nearly perfect rows of teeth. They are usually the subject of envy among their friends and co-workers. But most people don’t have the same luck when it comes to their teeth. Unless a dentist works on your teeth, chances are you have one or two problems with the condition of your oral health.

Painful Bite

Even if your teeth appear fine, like there is nothing to worry about, you may experience some discomfort, leading to you think of other reasons besides your teeth. For example, if you do the clench test, which is biting hard when your mouth is empty, and you experience some pain, your problem could be a bad bite, or what dental professionals call a malocclusion. The uneven bite is causing your teeth to bite down harder in some areas. In many cases, this leads to tooth sensitivity due to the uneven wear on your teeth. What used to look like a near-perfect smile will start having some problems.

An orthodontist in Newport Beach can help correct your bad bite by using some dental appliances. With a corrected bite, you may notice reduced pain until it is completely gone. This means your bite has been corrected.

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Uneven Teeth

Many people have issues with teeth that are too close to each other, so that there is uneven or misaligned growth. This may also lead to a bad bite. Some people, on the other hand, have teeth that have too much space between them, and this is not only unsightly, but it makes tooth decay more likely to develop. The spaces between teeth can harbor bacteria that eats food particles stuck there.

A dentist can clean your teeth better than regular brushing and flossing, so you have to see one at least twice a year. Orthodontics will also help align your teeth in a more even fashion, preventing more serious problems in the future.

Whether you get your teeth aligned properly or have your bad bite corrected, remember that proper hygiene will keep you away from many oral issues like tooth decay and bad breath. Brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist for a checkup.