Cheap DIY Invisalign Braces Will Not Do You Any Good

Invisalign braces in HerefordshireDentists seem to get a bad rap – many believe that their services are overpriced and that the procedures they require are needlessly painful. As such, there are those who attempt to replicate the results themselves by trying their own hand at DIY dentistry.

Braces are particularly a favourite of DIY enthusiasts, as they use anything from rubber bands to metal wiring to create their own, often with disastrous results. This is also true for Invisalign, which is a plastic aligner that is similar to retainers. mentions that there are so many patients who understand the merits of a good orthodontic treatment. Their patients now smile more confidently than before, and they undergo treatment slowly but surely. Unfortunately, others do not have the patience or are not willing to spend for treatment themselves.

Doing Your Invisalign Treatment Yourself

Invisalign braces entered the spotlight earlier this year when an American college student decided to replicate them using a 3D printer. Having failed to maintain his formerly straightened teeth by neglecting upkeep with a retainer, he decided to create his own Invisalign braces using his university’s 3D printer.

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3D printing has made so many things much more accessible to the common public – some people print their own toys, models, and even began using them for medical applications, such as the manufacture of prosthetic limbs.

Some people have decided to go about further, by creating their own DIY Invisalign braces. The young man who became famous for it, Amos Dudley, printed his braces himself, correcting his teeth in just 16 weeks.

Rush Job

Many dentists discourage this method because it is extremely risky if not supervised by a trained medical professional. An orthodontist has years of experience and knows exactly how long it would take to correct your teeth without causing bone and tissue damage.

Invisalign treatments last between 6 months to several years depending on the severity of the misalignment. Doing it any faster than this could injure the root of the teeth and damage the jaw. You could even lose your teeth.

So do not be tempted by DIY aligners.  You cannot simply overlook the expertise of a dentist with years of medical experience in this field – you will only end up doing more harm than good.