Selfie Statistics for Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic DentistryMillennials are fond of taking selfies and photos. Most have a smartphone or digital camera on hand at all times, and they whip it out at the slightest excuse. They enjoy posting photos of themselves in just about any situation.

However, many Britons may be missing the chance for fantastic photos because they have bad teeth. Check out the numbers that show why cosmetic dentistry is necessary, reasons Derby’s Dove Dental Care.

The Prim Smile

According to a poll conducted by the Oral Health Foundation, 75% of survey participants smile for the camera. However, more than 70% of Britons say they refuse to smile with their teeth showing for a selfie or photo op. A full one-third of them reveals it is because they have stained or discoloured teeth. Others state it is because their teeth are crooked. With about 17 million selfies posted on social media weekly in the UK alone, you will see a whole lot of prim smiles going around the Internet.

Gender Issue

Surprisingly, women are more likely than men to smile with teeth showing for photos. Eighty percent of women grin in delight, while only 68% of men dare to do the same. This just goes to show that men are more self-conscious about how they look than women are. Smart phone cameras are getting better every day, taking clear and dynamic pictures. Unfortunately, they also highlight imperfections in smiles.

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Beating the Odds

Smiles play an important part in society, so it is a shame that crooked and discoloured teeth keep people from showing it more often. It is a good thing that the solution for crooked or stained teeth is simple. All they have to do is visit their dentist for cosmetic treatment, and they should be good to go.

Britons have no reason to look so glum or prissy in photos. Cosmetic dentistry can help them with crooked or discoloured teeth. This will give them something about which to grin.