Omnilux Light Therapy: Light Up Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Omnilux Light Therapy in AustraliaWant younger looking skin? Omnilux might be the right treatment for you. This procedure is a non-invasive, groundbreaking light therapy procedure that can decrease the size of your pores, enhance the vitality and health of your skin, encourage healing of compromised or damaged skin, as well as eliminate bacteria that caused inflammation and redness in acne-prone and sensitive skin. 

How Omnilux Works

Omnilux treatments work by dispensing pure, narrow band LEDs or light emitting diodes that are precisely pointed, ensuring a constant light beam. It is capable of stimulating collagen production, cellular activity, and increasing blood flow to your skin. This leads to more radiant, tighter, and plumped skin. 

The Brow and Skin Studio says that an Omnilux facial can be an extra treatment to other peels or facials. When done right, it requires virtually no downtime and is non-ablative, so it won’t do any damage to your skin.

Omnilux treatments are available in different light colours and each one is ideal for a particular skin issue. These colours include:

  • Yellow – Can restore and strengthen skin tissue at the cellular level, resulting in softened lines. This is ideal for post-op patients dealing with scars and bruises.  
  • Red – Promotes cellular regeneration and increases moisture by adding needed volume for more rejuvenated, tightened and hydrated skin. It is specifically effective at decreasing fine lines, periorbital wrinkles, and pore size.   
  • Blue – Ideal for people prone to mild or moderate acne and could be used in conjunction with other Omnilux therapy colours. It is capable of targeting excess oil production, inflammation and acne-causing bacteria.
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Note that your esthetician could recommend different light combinations to enhance the potential results of your Omnilux treatment.

Some Important Considerations

The lamp that delivers the Omnilux light therapy will be over your face for about 20 minutes. You will feel somewhat hot and blinded for the 30 seconds or so before you adjust to the light, so know that this is perfectly normal. Some even fall asleep during treatment. It’s also most effective when done after a deep cleanse (professional of course!) and/or a facial.

Whether you’re looking to reverse the first signs of skin ageing, eliminate pesky acne, or want an overall clear and more revitalised complexion, consider Omnilux light therapy and see the ‘light’ for yourself.