For Women, The Year of the Gentlemen Should Never End

Romantic Dinner in Minnesota“Chivalry is dead.”

Today, a number of women believe gentlemen no longer exist. No one holds the doors nor gives up their seats. Living in a world of catcallers and rude bystanders, some of the ladies have given up on finding a worthy Prince Charming.

You might beg to differ. In your opinion, chivalry is not dead and you can prove it to them. Unfortunately, women easily brush you off as one of them. How can you rise through the ranks?

Netflix and Chill (Just Chill)

According to Cupid’s Cronies, an expert in the dating realm, today’s culture sees hangouts as excuses for sex.  This isn’t always true — and you know that.

Sometimes, girls just want to cuddle and talk while watching a movie. Be the good guy by inviting her over for some wholesome quality time. Doing so convinces her you’re not trying to get her in bed.

Brush sex off the table to alleviate the pressure on the night. Take advantage of the time to know her better instead.

“Sorry” is the Best Safe Word

Some women complain that men are all about protecting their egos. The “Male Pride,” they say, is one of the barriers that keep men from humbling themselves in some situations, such as when apologizing.

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Having the capability to say “I’m sorry” is one of the most overlooked qualities in the dating pool. Admitting your mistakes requires a great deal of humility and strength, especially if you believe you’re not in the wrong.

A real gentleman says sorry when he should. Women appreciate humble men more than those who don’t back down.

Fight for your Beliefs

Standing behind a solid set of values proves your loyalty — and women love that.

True gentlemen follow a moral code that puts others’ best interests above their own. By upholding certain values, you show others no one can walk over you. You fight for what you believe in, which convinces women you will also fight for them.

Some women believe gentlemen no longer exist. Prove them wrong by religiously practicing the Code of Chivalry above and win their hearts.