Singapore Within the Palm of your Hand: Helpful Travel Apps

Singapore CityThe modern traveller should be no stranger to guidebooks, train schedules and maps. With today’s technology, there’s no need to bring guide books and papers — all you need is your mobile phone.

Just whip out your phone and enjoy all that Singapore has to offer. Browse through the selection of apps available and you will find so many to choose from. Considering that there are well over 1600 WiFi hotspots across the island nation, Singapore is the perfect place to try these apps out.

According to Sentosa Online Store, the Lion City is home to numerous must-see tourist spots. From the world-renowned Merlion in Sentosa to the countless natural reserves, Singapore is the best place to spend your vacation. To maximise your trip, getting lost is not an option, which is why you need these mobile apps for a better stay:


Hotel deals on the go might sound too good to be true, but download AsiaRooms and you will learn exactly how it makes everything easier. The app also made it to the Apple App Store’s list of ‘Best New Apps’ because of its efficient service.

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Doing research on your phone can be tricky, but this app helps you check out available hotels, the best prices, and customer reviews. No matter where you are right now — on the way to work or a spontaneous trip — this app is perfect for the busy traveller looking for a great room.

If you’re fast enough, you can book rooms in advance with their ‘book-now-pay-later’ feature.


Don’t miss out on the best of Singapore’s dishes with the help of this app. The app helps you look for restaurants by cuisine type, location, or name for different occasions. Each restaurant also has an overall star rating so you can counter-check with the reviews left by travellers who have patronized the establishment.

HungryGoWhere also collects information such as the must-tries and the menu price range. Whether you’re planning a romantic date or just a gastronomic adventure, installing this app will come in handy.

Getting lost shouldn’t be an option during your trip. Sometimes, even the most detailed maps can leave you confused and lost. With, however, you don’t have to worry. The app offers various ways to reach your destination, estimates possible costs and can help determine journey time.

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Enjoy Singapore with these helpful apps. By installing them, you need not worry about the minor details and just focus on the beauty that is the Lion City.