How Do You Know You Have a Great Speech Therapist?

Assistive and Adaptive Technology

Assistive and Adaptive TechnologySpeech pathologists are there to help you or your family member integrate into society by refining communication skills. Whether you need a therapist for life or for only a few months or years, having the best therapist can make the difference between a successful intervention program and wasted months of therapy sessions.

While you can’t really tell off the bat if your therapist is a keeper, the average $36 fee for an hourly session should give you pause. Here are some signs you need to watch out for so you know you have an effective professional:

They give you specific interventions to do at home or out of the session.

Therapy isn’t just about the hourly session. It’s mostly about what you do with what you’ve learned from that session. A good speech pathologist gives you a complete plan on what to do afterwards. Daily exercises and material should be provided and progress should be checked.

They are updated with the latest research and technology.

Sometimes, sessions are not enough intervention for the patient. A good speech therapist knows how to use technology to augment a client’s communication skills. Whether it’s using AAC devices or the latest app to explain concepts and sounds, a good practitioner is always updated.

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Open to questions outside the session

While communication outside sessions is not prohibited, therapists usually want to minimise this especially if they’re with another client. But getting answers about simple matters from time to time is one of the best signs of a great therapist.

Just because your therapist doesn’t exhibit these things at first, that doesn’t mean they’re not great. They’re also gauging your openness to the interventions, so being able to talk freely with them about your expectations may open up new ways to help the client.