A Complete Smile: What a Full Set of Teeth Can Do for You

Complete Teeth

Complete TeethHealthy teeth play a role in a person’s confidence. Nonetheless, injuries and tooth decay may cause their untimely removal. If you choose to leave your gaps be, you would be missing the benefits of having a full set of teeth. Here are a few things that you can lose when your gums retain those spaces for too long:

A More Confident Smile – A beautiful smile is part of everyone’s daily repertoire for non-verbal communication. A smile should come naturally, and holding it in can create an awkward facial expression or response. Moreover, being able to smile fully shows self-confidence, which gives way to better connection with other people. If you have missing teeth, it will be harder to flash that smile with confidence.

A Strong Jaw – When you lose your teeth and you leave them that way, the exposed part of the jaw become weak because there is nothing protecting its surface. As Sheen Dental Implants adds, ‘…the structure of your face will also change’. Tooth loss also exposes the gums and jaws to solid food. There are more chances of having misaligned teeth, as the other teeth will naturally move and fill the gaps. The only way to avoid these misplaced molars is to have tooth implants installed on those spaces.

Eat and Speak Easy – It can be difficult to eat when you lose one or more teeth, and you do not get them replaced. Aside from not having all the teeth that you need for chewing, your jaws weaken, which make it extra hard to eat. Not having all your teeth can affect your speech, as well; you may develop a lisp and have trouble pronouncing some words.

The best way to get these benefits back is to have dental implants. Dentures or bridges are more affordable, but effective options, as well. Consult a dental practice that offers professional teeth implants and alternative solutions to your missing tooth. Once the work has been completed, make sure you take care of both your remaining teeth and your new implants.