Student Struggles: Part-Times to Help Pay For School


StudentsGetting an education is not always free, especially if you are pursuing a degree at private institutions. For some students, they have to go out of their way to find extra sources of income. These people are full-time students and part-time workers, opting to pull double loads to be able to pay the bills.

It is never easy being a working student. Just the added work alone saps your time and strength, things better utilized to maximize your performance at school. But if there is a will, there is a way. To make ends meet pleasantly, find part time jobs that will cater to your skills, interests and even your passion. Here are a few jobs that might interest you.


If you are in the engineering field, or any other technical courses, then you can most likely find work as a repair man. For starters, if you are in the mechanical engineering field, you can be a part time mechanic for auto-repair shops. For those in the computer industry, then a freelance web developer or network technician will suit you. These lines of work give you the opportunity to practice your craft, learn through hands-on approach, while making money on the side. It is a win-win.


For those toiling in the arts, you can always go to jobs that will add up to your portfolio. With the proliferation of digital design and print media these days, there are no shortages in the demand for graphic artists. Lend your creative skills as a freelance designer making shirts, fliers, book covers and whatnot. The commissions will not only earn you money, but fatten up your portfolio which will be very useful later on.


Do you love athletics? Are you the sporty type? Then why not put that passion of yours into a part time job? For starters, you can work as a coach or trainer for sports teams or any individual looking for a fitness mentor. The pay will highly depend on your skill. If you want to up the ante, you can take online PT courses with where you can transition from just a sports enthusiast into a certified athletic trainer. Once you get the hang of this job, you can then mix your daily workout with your job. Think about it: you sweat, and you earn.

Food and Service

While waiting tables may not seem to be the most enticing employment, it does make for good training for students in the tourism and hospitality industry. Yes, that is right. If you are studying restaurant management in the hopes of one day opening up your own diner, this is a good place to start for experience. Take on a job as a cook or waiter and you will gain first-hand experience at working from the bottom. The pay gives you added cash for your tuition as well.

For students who need extra to pay for their school, having to take on part time jobs becomes a must. It is difficult to balance work and study, but if you are willing, you will pull through. Work hard and stay at school.