Life in Construction: Fall Prevention for Worker Safety

Life in Construction

Life in ConstructionFalls account for preventable deaths in construction. In 2013, more than 200 people died because of slips and falls in construction sites. Fall safety is easy enough to do in any construction site, as long as you have the right protocol.

Here are different pointers to protect your workers from falls that could lead to serious injury or death:

Construction work always follows a schedule.

The basis of your schedule may be the architectural plan of the project. If you are clear with the schedule, there will be no surprises about what jobs need doing on any given day. The construction manager can order materials ahead of time, so these will be ready when the time comes. When it comes to fall safety practices in Savannah, GA, recommends including safety equipment on your schedule. If the work for the day is roofing, the equipment should include fall arrest systems and ladders.

Safety gear can make a big difference.

Construction workers that work from heights of more than six feet are at risk of falling. Workers should always wear hardhats and work gloves while on the site. You should also have a wide selection of harnesses, fall arrest systems, different types of ladders, and scaffolds. Inspect the safety gear regularly to make sure that they are in good condition.

Training workers should be a priority.

It does not matter how much fall and other safety gear you have if your workers do not use them, or do not know how to. You need to provide safety training, so they will understand why and how to use the safety equipment. In addition, workers that handle special tools or equipment should also receive training to avoid problems.

Falls are common in construction, but this does not mean you cannot do anything to prevent them. Fall safety equipment and training will go a long way to keeping the number of injuries low.