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Technology Integration Strategies

Technology Integration StrategiesApart from the feel-good moment of saving a patient’s life, there are numerous benefits to being a nurse. The rewarding feeling of being a health care provider is one-of-a-kind. Because of this, many are clamouring to become nurses. The road towards this goal entails a lot of learning, studying and years of skill enhancement.

In nursing schools, they do not just teach students about facts, diseases and implementations. To know everything about this course, students must learn an extensive range of nursing skills. Fortunately, most institutions teach only the core subject.

With technological advancement happening everywhere, schools have adapted many teaching strategies, utilizing the latest technologies, in order for students to become more engaged in discussions.

Video Presentations

Video presentations are one of the most popular methods. There are numerous health and safety videos available, which contain tips and recommendations on health issues, nursing skills and other knowledge students need.

These are effective means to impart information and allow its assimilation through the entire student body. In a 2011 study, researchers reported that video presentations provide an easy, innovative, and user-friendly way to engage nursing students in learning. Various courses include anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and even basic nursing skills.

Online Quizzes    

Creating a website or software where students can take their online examinations or quizzes is another strategy to use. Since students have a wide access to mobile phones, tablets and computers, they can access the quiz anytime they like. Online quizzes create an avenue for students to be more engaged in the subject.

Online Discussions

E-learning has come to a point where students multi-task: they study at home. Distance learning courses are now the newest trend in teaching. Students and teachers use platforms such as Skype, Google hangouts, chat and other social media platforms for group discussions.

Learning is a fun thing and integrating technology to teach makes students love their course better. With the help of technology, teaching basic life-saving techniques is easier.