Living the Singaporean Life: What are Your Options?

Living in Singapore

Living in SingaporeSingapore, as the strong Merlion Republic in the Southeast Asia has always been known for its rather rigid citizenship policies. Just applying for naturalisation requires being a permanent resident first for a number of years, or completing the National Service. Now that you are a permanent resident or a naturalised Singaporean citizen, what do you do with it?

The status of a permanent resident or a naturalised citizen means you are staying for a good reason and not just as a tourist. As you accept your new country, what are your next plans? Here are a few options you might like to take:


Singaporean educational can always do you good. The Singaporean education system provides great opportunities for academic advancement, with polytechnic universities publicly funded by the Ministry of Education. It will give your resume a sharper edge and a shine to it should you continue employment in Singapore. It will also help you absorb more of the national culture.


Perhaps one of the most distinguishing national policies of Singapore is the National Service program. This requires citizens to serve in the Singaporean Armed Force for set durations with regular rotations of reserve status.

Whilst the mandatory service applies to all Singapore citizens by birth or descent, local volunteer opportunities exist for first generation permanent residents or naturalized citizens. If they wish to contribute to the country’s collective defence and security, they can join the SAF Volunteer Corps that aims to integrate them to the main force. If you are feeling up to serving your new country in a patriotic manner, this is the way to go.


As a bustling city with multi-cultural locals, Singapore is rife with commerce and trade. There is no shortage of lucrative employment in the little trade outpost-turned cultural hub in this part of Southeast Asia. Financial, consulting, legal and even engineering services have been on the rise for the country’s labour sector. Employment competition is fierce, but this does not mean you do not stand a chance.

Being a new citizen to the Merlion Republic may be a dream come true for some people. Living in After all, Singapore has its opportunities. Plan your path carefully, and take your success.