Holiday Apartments vs. Hotels in Perth: Which is Better?

Apartments and Hotels in Perth

Apartments and Hotels in PerthOrganising a trip to Perth, Western Australia? Then you are probably now on your way to booking a room (or several, if you are a group) with a hotel. Before you spend all those accommodation dollars on the pricey rates charged by most hotels in the city, consider your other lodging alternatives. This is where modern apartments come in.

With many tourists, even Aussies, paying this beautiful city a visit, the number of holiday apartments in Perth has gone up. In fact, they are becoming popular that most vacationers choose them over the traditional option: hotels. Of course, the final decision still rests on you, but knowing how rental units stack against other lodging options will help you figure out which is better for your needs.

Greater sense of privacy

Hotels are secure, but they are far from being completely private. You share the same roof with dozens, even hundreds of other people, with walls serving as the only form of division between rooms. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, you can do better. An apartment rental, according to industry professional, is much like a traditional home that will give you more privacy. The only people who will be under the same roof are those in your group.

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Home away from home

Apart from being exclusive to your group, holiday rentals are more of your “home away from home,” especially when you compare them to hotels. You won’t find any hotels that give you access to cooking equipment, dining utensils and washing machines. Space is also quite limited in the hotel rooms, whereas apartments, seeing that they are like real houses, deliver all that and more.

Quiet and friendly neighbourhoods

Hotels usually get crowded, as these buildings can typically accommodate hundreds of people. Crowds get noisy, which may affect your supposed relaxing trip. To ensure that you enjoy a quieter, secure refuge, opt for a holiday rental instead.

To make the most of your vacation in Perth, you have to weigh your options. Determine what type of accommodation is right four your budget and lifestyle.