Memorial Plaque: What to Put and Other Things to Consider

Memorial Plaque

Memorial PlaquePeople have different ways to honour and remember their loved ones. In most cases, deciding what to use for their resting area isn’t the only problem. You have to think of what inscriptions to put, what colour to use and other elements that make sure it pays tribute to your deceased loved one.

If you’re choosing a memorial plaque, and other related businesses recommend taking note of the following:

What to Put

Start with the reverent phrase “In Loving Memory of…” and make sure that the name of your loved one is the most readable part. The lines following it should have their dates of birth and death. You can include what they were—a loving father, a devoted husband, or an inspirational teacher—to give others an idea about the roles they had when they were still living. Other optional inscriptions are their nicknames and catchphrases, a poem or a famous line from their religion.

Death isn’t a funny thing to discuss, but some want their tombstones and memorial plaques to help people look at the brighter side. If your loved one has a favourite phrase or saying, you can use it to make their resting place more personal.

What to Consider

Before ordering a memorial plaque, it’s best to know if the cemetery has size restrictions. Some of them allow any size, while others limit to a specific dimension. Make sure to ask beforehand, so you won’t have to pay for adjustments or order a new one. If the inscriptions you want to put are long, you may want to avoid big and fancy lettering for them to fit. As for the colour, you can choose anything from grey to any shade of brown. It’s still best to know if there are restrictions, though.

Prepare your loved one’s resting place by knowing what to choose and put on their memorial plaques. If you’re still undecided, you can talk to businesses offering them or browse the Internet for ideas.