Moisturize: Dealing with the Most Common Dry Skin Causes


SkinIt’s easy to keep the skin clean through regular bathing and showering, but retaining its moisture and natural oils is a different story. Bathing, as it removes dirt, also washes off our skin’s natural oils. To keep skin moisturized and hydrated, it only makes sense to learn about the causes of dry skin before journeying the path to battling the culprits.

External and Internal Factors

There are internal and external factors that lead to dry skin. Internal factors include age, medical conditions, and genetics. On the other hand, external factors include over-washing, using harsh bath products, low humidity, and cold temperature. Since it may require a physician’s advice to address dry skin caused by internal factors, deal with the external first.

Causes and Treatments

  • Issue: Cold Weather. Especially during winter, when temperature and humidity drop, the skin becomes dry even to the point it gets itchy.

Solution: Get a humidifier. Setting it at around 50% and the thermostat at 68°F should be enough to keep air at home moist.

  • Issue: Hot Showers. Using hot water for bathing and showering soothes the body, but it doesn’t help retain skin’s moisture. Hot water dries out natural oils, leaving the skin dehydrated. Know that the longer you are in the shower, the drier your skin becomes.
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Solution: Bathe using lukewarm water. Skin care experts in Austin also suggest keeping the routine short.

  • Harsh Soap and Body Wash. Soaps have different chemicals that cause dryness. Your skin will lose more natural oils when you leave these chemicals on the skin for too long.

Solution: Choose your body wash and soap carefully. Go mild.

  • This can remove dirt, but it can also dry out the skin because of the friction. The same thing happens when you wipe skin harshly with a towel after bathing.

Solution: Scrub using bare hands or a soft cloth, but never rub too hard. Towel-dry your skin, but leave it a bit moist. Apply lotion while skin is still damp.

Other Ways to Prevent Dry Skin

Using lotions that contain soothing ceramides help moisturize the skin. For very dry skin, use petroleum jelly. Use sunscreen when going out to prevent sun damage.

Knowing what causes dryness puts you a step closer to getting smooth and healthy skin. Practice proper skin care and choose your skin products wisely.