Enjoying Winter Wonderland: The Top Four Ski Resorts in Australia

Ski Resort

Ski ResortNothing beats the excitement of a winter holiday. Whether you are planning to go on your first skiing adventure or a professional skier looking for a new adventure, Australia has it all for you. The country offers the best spots to experience the adrenaline rush of snow sporting activities.

Here are the top four slopes you should not miss when planning ski holidays in Australia:

  1. Buller

Just a three-hour drive away from Melbourne, Mt. Buller offers 25 downhill runs separated into the Southern and Northern Slopes. The slopes for intermediate skiers are located on both mountains, including the Wombat and Little Buller Spur. Advanced skiers can head to the Southern Slopes for more challenging terrains, such as the Bull Run, Wood Run, and Federation. Mt. Buller offers a Discovery Pass that allows you to go around the slopes, experience cross-country trails, and visit toboggan and terrain parks.

  1. Hotham

As ‘The powder capital of Australia’, this resort in the Victorian Alps holds the reputation of having the most snowfall in the region. Mt. Hotham offers veteran skiers the chance to master one of the country’s hardest and steepest runs, Mary’s Slide. You will find many great cruising slopes for beginners and intermediate skiers, three terrain parks and a dedicated learning centre. If you are not up for skiing, you can go tobogganing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and even dogsledding.

  1. Perisher

Located in New South Wales, the Perisher alpine resort boasts of seven mountain peaks ideal for just about anyone. Their renowned ski school caters to all ski levels; beginners can have their pick from among the 30 easy, downhill runs. The mountains have 47 operational lifts, which make it easier and more convenient to go around.

  1. Thredbo

One of the most popular ski resorts for holidays, Thredbo sits between Melbourne and Sydney. It is home to five of Australia’s lengthiest runs, offering multiple terrain parks and long cruisers. The resort features Australia’s steepest terrains, powder bowls, and wind lips to satisfy the most adventurous skiers. The Funnel Web, the resort’s most challenging run, is popular for its sudden turns and bumps.

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Visit these ski destinations and experience true adrenaline rush. Plan your holiday to make the most of your winter wonderland adventure.