Celebrate Oneness with Personalized Company T-shirts

Personalized T-shirts

Personalized T-shirtsThe season of gift-giving is fast approaching. In a few days 2016 will enter the “Ber” months. For Filipinos, that marks the start of the holiday season.

Do you already have a list of recipients for the holidays to come? As a business owner, you know how giving back matters. Be it to your employees, clients, and to your community, you have to express your gratitude through a gift.

One simple but memorable way to give back is through holding an event. It could be a team building escapade, an outreach program, or an awarding ceremony.

Personalized T-Shirt

To make identification easier, and highlight harmony and oneness in the team, it would be a good idea for everyone to wear the same T-shirt colors, customthread.com suggests. It can be personalized too, with the company logo, a statement, or a symbol.

A personalized shirt is also a way of making your staff feels they belong. For participants, it will make them feel welcome while your clients remembered.


T-shirt and print quality must be your main consideration. You would not want to receive a frown from one of your recipients, especially your clients for receiving a sub-par gift. The more it lasts, the longer the exposure for your company.


Quantity also matters. Will it be a dozen or two or more? The number of your order will have an effect on the production length. The earlier you order, the sooner you will have it.

Order Placement

Moreover, the company can handle special requests better when orders are made sooner. For instance, variations in color for each team might be necessary. For the necessary changes, the provider will have enough time to comply before the event. Just the same, a reliable provider can handle rush orders.


Even if your business is located outside Manila or abroad, you can access such products online.

The beauty with personalized items is that these are not limited to shirts. You can also have your logos on jackets, uniforms, caps and umbrellas. Thus, it allows for a variety of selections.