Before the “I Do’s”: Choosing and Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor WeddingYou need to consider many things when planning an outdoor wedding, especially if you’re inviting a hundred or more guests. While you probably have a wedding planner in charge of all the preparations, it’s important that you involve yourself in the whole process, too. After all, it’s your wedding; you want it to be perfect and you don’t want to hear negative remarks about it.

The venue of the event, for instance, requires serious planning and consideration. This is why you should have your hands on this. Here are some tips on choosing and preparing the venue for your outdoor wedding.

Find the right location

There are many wedding locations to choose from, but make sure you choose one with enough space. Whether it’s a lakefront resort, an ornamental garden, or simply your spacious backyard, make sure your guests will be accommodated properly and there’s enough parking space.

Keep in mind the weather conditions and the number of guests when choosing your outdoor venue. Make sure it will provide the necessary comfort to everybody.

Choose the right tent

A tent should save you from sudden weather changes and other factors that can ruin your special day. Companies offering tent rental such as have tents of different styles and sizes to suit your unique wedding venue needs.

If you’re inviting more than just your immediate family and close friends, ask for a tent that can accommodate a big group. Don’t forget to allot extra space for the buffet table and the stage.

Think of other essentials

Wedding venue planning also involves other essentials such as tables, chairs, table tops, linens, tableware, etc. Rent a few extra items for surprise guests who may join you in the celebration. Some tent rental companies also have these items for rent. In most cases, you can save on costs if you go for an all-inclusive package that includes everything from tableware and chairs to tents and decors.

Your wedding venue can help set the mood on your special day, so it pays to plan everything well. The key is to make the necessary preparations in advance.