Elements of Proper Ski Clothing on Your First Ski Experience


skiSki clothing is more than just a “look”. It’s a functional, multi-layered attire that helps you stay warm, dry, and comfortable. Especially for first timers, it’s important to remember that while skiing is fun, you can be in the middle of nowhere and in sub-zero temperatures. Wearing the right kind of clothing makes a significant difference to your enjoyment and comfort.

Pedigreeskishop.com says a general set of ski clothes includes a ski jacket, ski pants, goggles, gloves, helmet/hat, ski socks and a moisture wicking base layer. But let’s focus on ski jacket, pants and goggles.

Ski Jackets and Pants

Ski jackets and pants are usually made from fabrics with three to four layers, namely a durable outer layer, a waterproof/breathable membrane, an insulation layer and a lining.

Usually made of nylon or polyester, the outer layer provides the garment’s durability. It’s resistant enough to repel water droplets, making it difficult for snow and dirt to penetrate.

The waterproof membrane underneath the outer layer is usually made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene or polyurethane. It determines the waterproof capabilities and breathability of the fabric. The fine structure has holes too small for water droplets to penetrate, but big enough for water vapor molecules to pass through, allowing perspiration to escape.

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The insulin layer is optional, but can be very useful. It acts as main barrier preventing heat from conducting through the fabric. The innermost layer is the lining, which holds everything in and protects the other layers from the inside.

Ski goggles

Ski goggles are an important part of your whole getup. They shield your eyes from various elements, like snow, wind and UV rays, as well as improving your vision so you can view the mountain as clearly as possible.

People often overlook their functions and features, leading them to buy the cheapest pair they can find. Understand the line between a cheap pair of goggles and a good one makes all the difference in comfort and function.

Ski attire is less for aesthetics and more for functional purposes. Follow the prescribed code and enjoy your first time in the mountains, with comfort and in style.