Don’t Call it Quits: Signs You Need Marriage Counseling


CoupleThe matter of marriage counseling is often swept under the rug, as people see it as a sign of weakness. Sooner or later, however, couples realize that admitting the need for help may just be the very thing that could have saved their relationship.

The truth is, asking for help is not a sign of weakness; in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s a sign of strength — that both of you are willing to go past society’s stigma for the sake of your marriage.

It’s time to admit you need help. Seek intensive marriage counseling services when you see these signs in your relationship:

Silent Treatment

Effective communication is important in growing the relationship; it is so essential that almost all marriage problems stem from the lack of it. Clearly, when you give each other the silent treatment, you’re taking away the opportunity to settle an issue because you don’t express what you feel.

Silent treatment, however, isn’t just about “no-talking”, it’s also about the non-verbal communication it entails, which is perhaps more damaging for the relationship. The cold shoulder conveys indifference, the lack of sympathy or love. If you and your partner are barely speaking to each other for days or months, that is a clear sign you need the help of marriage counselors.

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Marriage counselors can facilitate new ways of communicating with each other. These experts create an environment where you can express your feelings, without being judged.

Financial Infidelity

Love for money is the root of all evil, especially in relationships. When one partner keeps secrets about spending or other financial matters, it could fuel distrust in the marriage. Once trust is compromised, it will be much more difficult to restore the relationship.

It’s important to be transparent on financial matters with your spouse. If your partner doesn’t agree with you being involved in decisions over money, consult a professional to help you work out the conflict.

Change in Sex Life

There’s a good reason to be concerned about your marriage if your sex life suddenly changed. Fewer intimate moments are common for most long-term relationships, but in some cases, this may signal relations with someone else.

An increase in sex drive may also be a sign that something isn’t right, though. In most cases, one partner may be trying to make up for something they did they felt wrong. To help you address these changes in the bedroom and their possible implications, consult marriage counselors.

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When you see these signs in your relationship, it’s time to ask for help. Don’t let these issues ruin your relationship — and happy-ever-after. Consult marriage counselors.