Breaking Bad (Habits): Practices That Wear Down Teeth


TeethHuman teeth are strong and considered among the most durable parts of the human anatomy. Research validates this, asserting that teeth are as strong as those of the most dangerous shark species, the tiger shark.

Despite this, routine activities such as chewing and brushing, and injuries can cause varying degrees of damage to the teeth. Outlined in the discussion that follows are some of the most common habits that put many people at risk for dental erosion:

Drinking Sodas

Sodas have high amounts of acid that causes enamel erosion and makes you vulnerable to tooth decay over time. Foods, such as citrus fruits, also have the same effect. This is why dental practitioners recommend reducing the intake of acidic foods and drinks. Rinse your mouth with water after consumption.

Needless to say, brushing teeth everyday is important; use a soft-bristle brush and fluoride toothpaste and make sure not to brush too hard.

Chewing on Ice

Many people have a habit of chewing on ice and other hard things like candies. Although rare, teeth can develop fractures or chips when you bite down on these kinds of food.

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There is a higher likelihood of dental injury if you have fillings on the teeth or have undergone a root canal therapy, as your teeth are not as strong as those that did not have any treatment. Break the habit of nibbling on ice and other hard substances.

Grinding Teeth

Teeth function to grind food, but if done frequently, this may damage surfaces over time. It can cause cracks in the tooth’s protective surface and put you at risk for tooth decay. In some cases, long-term grinding can also wear down the pointed surfaces of molars.

This habit also leads to jaw injuries, muscle pain, and headaches. Some people, however, do not realise that they are doing this until dental practitioners see the cracks in the tooth’s surface. This only highlights just how important it is visit the dentist regularly.

Teeth are built to last, but these habits can severely damage them. Avoid these practices to achieve better dental health.