Using Tech to Spice Up Your Married Life

Married Couple

Married CoupleDid you know that the lack of sex and physical intimacy between married couples is one of the biggest warning signs of a failing marriage? According to the New York Times, marital infidelity is listed as the top reason for divorce. Most husbands complain that their wives do not fulfill their sexual needs—which is why they turn to other women who are more willing to entertain their kinks and desires.

Many leading couples therapists Salk Lake City has to offer can tell you that the bedroom and physical intimacy are the best and easiest areas to start updating your marriage. Thanks to technology, there are a lot more things you can do today.
Here are some of the best online resources and tools you can use to spice up your marriage and keep it from becoming just another divorce statistic:

• Mobile couples-only communication app

Apps like Couple and Avocado have special features for couples. The apps give you an extra layer of protection for files and messages. Sending naughty pictures or short, sexy voice messages and photos between each other may get the fire started between you once again. IT might also be easier to flirt throughout the day so when evening comes, you both have more energy to be intimate

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• Online sex fantasy lists

There online lists that allow couples like you to have quick matching of the things you like. You can download any available list online and answer it together. You can paste it on the app and answer through your couples-only messaging.

• High tech sex aides

Did you know that there are sex toys that can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet? The New York Post featured a few of these app-controlled toys that can enhance your bedroom play. Some adventurous couples even use the quieter toys outside for dates.

You don’t have to fend for yourself when you want to upgrade your married life and physical intimacy. Introducing tech can be a great way to not seem to strong about a change in the status quo.