Spinning the Colour Wheel for Your Home

RoomSpinning the Colour Wheel

There is no need to despair. Just call a painter to do a makeover, and you can be done in a few days. Painting is probably the easiest thing you can do to change the whole character of your home. However, that knife can cut both ways.

Paint can make a great improvement to your home, or it could suck out all the charm out of it. So this is why a painter Perth homeowners trust follows the following colour tricks:

Colour is The Theme

The colour of your walls and ceilings is supposed to serve as the background for your room, not the over theme for all the elements of the room. Before picking out paint colours, decide on what fabrics and furniture you plan to put in. If it is an existing room, take a photo that you can use to choose paints.

Colour is Too Dominant

Bright colours or highly saturated hues on walls or ceilings can make a room look smaller and even looming. Bright colours like fire engine red are good for accent pieces like a lamp. If you do want bold colours on your walls because everything in your room is neutral- or light-coloured, then go ahead. Just keep in mind that bold colours are hard to match.

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Colour Does Not Flow

You need to make sure that the colours you pick for each room does not clash. You need to consider your home as a whole and not as disconnected units. Paint colours do not have to be the same, but they should not be jarring when you move from room to room. Consider transition colours between rooms so that there is some sort of continuity.

Paint colours can define the character of your home like nothing else. Decide what you character you want your home to have and use that as a unifying theme.