Smart TV – The Latest Technology in Home Entertainment

Television sets

Television setsTelevision sets in the Philippines are becoming more innovative than ever. The once TV tube with limited channels are now replaced by LCD TVs that can be installed with a cable and other attachments such as karaoke machines and USB flash drive.

And now comes Smart TV, a television system that works as a digital home entertainment package and computer with Internet connection at the same time.

What is a Smart TV?

What do you call a fully digital TV combined with the power of a computer? A smart TV. Philippines, Japan, and other Asian countries have fully embraced the smart TV revolution, with the rising dependence on the Internet and mobility.

Since you can connect it to the Internet, it only means you can install apps on the TV, such as you would a normal mobile phone or tablet. You can even use it to browse the web! Moreover, it can also accept channels from cable television like a regular television.

Chatting via Skype

How would you like to chat with your family and friends on a larger TV screen via Skype or other apps? Now you can get a better view of the one you’re talking to and you can clearly hear them at the same time without using microphones or headsets. The volume from the TV and speakers will enhance the audio of your smart TV. You can therefore get the whole family involved in chatting.

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Watching Movies

How would you like to watch movies without going to a video store? Selection of movie titles is a breeze. You only need to type the movie title then the TV will show you the title you are looking for, and it will stream it from an online service. No need to go to several video stores to purchase that rare movie title you are looking for!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Get in touch with an appliance store that sells smart TVs to find out just how intelligent smart TVs are.