Oversized Air Conditioner: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

air conditioning unit

air conditioning unitPeople naturally desire comfort. You can achieve this usually with the temperature of the room and the humidity in the air. An air conditioning unit has the ability to provide this comfort. With the right installation and system type for the purpose, you won’t have to deal with extreme temperatures.

An oversized AC unit is not a good idea for your house or office. The contractors from Conduct Air Conditioning agree that this machine does two major jobs: lower air temperature and remove moisture from it. In dehumidifying the room, you need to completely take the condensed water outside.

The condensation process in air conditioners takes place when air passes through the evaporator coil and a cold surface, resulting in water vapour condensing. This still happens with oversized air conditioners, but there has to be sufficient condensation for water to drip below the coil. You also need enough water for it to drain outside. Without the water draining outside, it only gets back into the air and humidifies it.

Prone to Wear and Tear

Many think that bigger air conditioners provide better comfort. While it doesn’t relatively affect the air quality, achieving a certain room temperature faster causes the unit to shut down quickly also. The short time between start up and shut down causes the system to malfunction, wearing it down faster too.

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Requires Additional Expenses

As the air conditioner breaks down more often, you have no choice but to have it serviced, repaired, or replaced. Not only will you waste more money on those needs, but you’re also not making the most of the unit because it’s underperforming. You’ve paid more initial cost than you’re getting out of it.

How to Determine Proper Size

It’s not that difficult to determine if your unit is oversized for the room. You can ask the professionals what size suits your purpose. If you’ve already bought one, you can also check how long it takes for the unit to shut down. You’ll know if it’s oversized if it shuts down within five to 10 minutes of being switched on.

Bigger things don’t necessarily provide better benefits. Taking shortcuts in air comfort with oversized air conditioners may just lead you to spend more. The disadvantages of this unit weigh heavier than the advantages.