Level Up! Top 4 Modern Technologies Used in Dentistry


DentalKeeping your teeth in good condition is essential for your overall health. That’s why dentists look for ways to enhance their services by integrating the practice with the latest technologies. They’ve developed quite a number of apparatuses and procedures today to suit the patient’s changing needs.

The practitioners from Strand and Vale Dental Centre say that there’s nothing wrong with the traditional methods. But as they prioritise the health and wellness of their patients, they prefer to use the new ones that are safer and more efficient. Among the many technologies, there are a few that stand out.


Having crooked teeth is one of the most common oral problems. Many people, though, dislike using metal braces because of discomfort and the not so flattering look. As a solution, methods like Invisalign – a clear mouthguard-like apparatus – have been developed. This eliminates most of the issues with braces, but the method is just as effective.

Digital X-Rays

An X-ray machine is important in this field; however, it takes a lot of time for the image to develop. With the newly developed digital machine, the image can appear on the screen in just a few seconds. Dentists can also zoom in or out for better assessment of your teeth.

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Intravenous (IV) Sedation

Pain is perhaps the primary cause of people fearing dentists and dental procedures. To address this prevalent problem, they’ve developed a substance that puts the patients to sleep. This is ideal for those who get anxious on the dentist’s chair and for highly painful treatments, like wisdom tooth extraction.

Laser Tools

This technology is hazardous in general. But the ones used in dentistry are more subtle than risky. Lasers enhance the overall process of different treatments. Dentists use it to fill cavities, eliminate tumours, reduce sensitivity, and whiten stained teeth.
This tool is painless, quick, and effective in killing bacteria.
Many people aren’t aware of the benefits of having good oral health. Start scheduling regular visits to your dentist and see how these modern technologies can help keep