Home Design Trends in 2015 to Update Your Living Space

Home Design

Home DesignWhen you’re living in a home for rent, it can be difficult to make your own home improvements and renovations, especially if you want to update the look of your living space every now and then.

But, you could also consider the fact that thanks to your design limitations, choosing pieces and making your space work for you is going to be much easier than what people owning homes are going through right now.

So, if you’re looking for the latest trends that can instantly breathe the vigour of 2015 into your rented space, here they are:

• Bar Carts

One of the main reasons you want to update your home for rent is because you want to have guests over. The 50’s and 60’s style bar cart is a great way to entertain your guests with snacks and hors-d’oeuvres as you keep the party going. Think of classy glass surfaces with sleek gold trim paired with impeccable china that can set off a modern living room.

• Metallic Fixtures

Moving away from boring stainless steel, you can see new updated designs for lamps, hooks and other small home items this year. Consider getting brass-coloured lamps and lighting fixtures as well as metallic plant pots and décor.

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• Old Tables With Mod Seats

Instead of getting a beautiful set that comes in furniture stores, why not go for an antique finish table and pair it with mod or updated chairs? The disconnect can be quite refreshing, as your guests can experience old school style with the table and still feel comfortable with their mod chairs lined with cushions.

All these pieces can be easily sourced online or from speciality shops and even thrift and antique shops! Make the hunt for these 2015 design trends an adventure with your friends and housemates for an even more fun home improvement project.