Why Technique Matters: 5 Signs of a Poor Paint Job


As a homeowner, you want evePainterry aspect of your house’s interior to be perfect. Sadly, you can’t always be sure that the painters you hire will do their job well. Flaws in the paint job are far from subtle, and will greatly reduce the attractiveness of a room.
These problems are easy to spot, so keep an eye out for them. Seeing one or more of these signs is a clear indicator that the entire job was less than meticulous.


– This is the most obvious sign of an amateur paint job, as no reputable professional would ever let this happen to their work. Novices have a tendency to use far too much paint, overloading the brush and causing it to drip during application. Although these are very noticeable, they are at least somewhat easy to fix, unless they are everywhere.


– When the painter fails to adequately prepare the surface, it is fairly common for the coat to blister, crack, or peel. Preparation is arguably the most important step in any paint job, and this is a point that expert Perth painters like barker-whittle.com.au often stress.

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Sloppy lines

– Pay close attention to the edges; some experienced painters can do just fine without using painter’s tape, but this is not always the case. When the tradesman is too lazy to use tape even though he needs it, the results are often disastrous. Paint usually hits the trim, or even worse, nearby furniture.

Excessive texture

– Bad roller technique usually results in uneven or excessively rough textures, making the wall look highly unattractive. Even if you don’t mind having a bit of texture on your walls, inconsistency makes this a visible and annoying flaw.

Poor colouring

– Does your wall have uneven patches of colour, or is it a completely different shade from what you were expecting? The first problem is once again a problem with technique, while the latter is probably due to them using low quality paint.

When you fall victim to a poor paint job, there isn’t much you can really do. If you have a solid contract and haven’t fully paid them yet, you might be able to get them to fix their work for free. Otherwise, or if you don’t want them to mess up your property even more, just forget it and get a professional to repair the damage.
Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure to do your research on who you choose to hire. Remember, you will usually get what you pay for, so be careful not to judge solely on price.