3 Things to Do (and Avoid) to Get the Perfect Wedding Smile

smile wedding

smile weddingSome brides and grooms go the extreme when it comes to looking good on their wedding day. Some spend heaps of cash to have their entire bodies transformed with plastic surgeries, but hey—you don’t need to go through as much to look picture-perfect on your nuptials.

You simply need a beautiful smile before saying “I do”.

Yes, nothing is more downright stunning than a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress, with of course, a beautiful smile. Here are some tips to make sure you score a dazzling beam:

Visit the Dentist

This is a no-brainer, but with the stressful wedding preparations, too many brides often forget to visit the dentist. That’s the very first thing you need to do.

Get a professional dental cleaning and whitening. Dentists can give you the best chance for a successful teeth whitening, especially if you are on a short timeframe. You can still gofor at-home teeth whitening kits, such as those provided at sparkledentaljoondalup.com.au.

Frame with Your Lips

The key to getting the best wedding smile is to frame the teeth with your lips. Simply show your upper teeth more dominantly, but try your best not to show too much gum tissue. Of course, you need to practice this to make the smile more natural.

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You might also want to choose a lipstick with cool or blue undertones. This hue will counteract the yellowish colour of your teeth, making your smile look brighter.

Avoid Pigmented Food and Drinks

Teeth do stain, in general. That’s simply a natural thing of life.

Avoid consuming deeply pigmented food and beverages, such as blueberries, cherries, soy sauce, red wine, and coffee. The general rule here is to avoid anything that stains white cotton—if it does, it will probably stain your teeth, too. You can also substitute Cabernet with Chardonnay or Coke with Sprite. You can still drink coffee and tea, but lighten them down a bit.

Just like the perfect wedding dress, the perfect wedding smile is another thing people will remember. It’s also the most beautiful accessory you can ever wear; make sure it’s beautiful so you can wear it proudly.