3 Design Trends That Can Elevate Your Bathroom to a Relaxing Spa


BathroomModern bathrooms are quickly evolving into amazing retreats that allow you to rejuvenate at home; more homeowners are embracing the new hot trend of spa-like bathrooms.

With innovative bathroom architects and designers doing their part, it is easier to transform baths than ever before. Their solutions and concepts bring the good news to many homeowners: the spa luxury is no longer for the elite alone. In fact, even small baths are easy to turn into a relaxing oasis.

If you are planning to work on a bathroom-remodelling project, you might want to consider this option. Here are some of the trends in modern bathroom design focusing on turning simple baths into luxury spas. Use them as your inspiration:

A Touch of Nature

One of the necessary features of a spa setting is the natural atmosphere of the space, and wood and stone are the perfect elements to give your bath a touch of spa-like warmth. Current bathroom trends show that homeowners are looking for natural stone surfaces and wooden slats.

A bit of greenery can give a nature-centric look as well. You might also want to highlight the area around the tub with pebbles for a spa-inspired style.

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Freestanding Tubs

If there is one irresistible bathroom trend, it’s the freestanding bathtub. It is taking the world by storm, not only in Australia, but also almost everywhere in the world. Most homes today already have a bath with one.

White is a preferable colour, but black works great, too if you use it right. If you can, go a notch higher: install hot jets and whirlpool features in your sunken tub. Here’s a tip to make it work: call an expert in bathroom remodels.

Bathroom with a View

The outside matters just as much as what is inside the home—that is a golden rule of modern architecture. A room with a view has been a trend for many years now, from the bedroom to the patio. The bathroom is no exception. Incorporating this trend in your bath design can make the whole place feel like a spa.

This trend is all the rage these days, but it may not be a practical option for those who do not have the privacy to open up the bathroom for a nice view.

There’s your inspiration. Now go do that bathroom-remodelling project now and enjoy that lap of luxury right in your own home.