4 Smart and Creative Ways to Get Your Home Exterior Colour Right

paint house

paint houseThe exterior is the extension of your home’s personality—and the right colour can make it shine in its best light. Adding the perfect hues is an affordable way to create a big impact, and this can go a long way to make the home a place you can be proud to call your own.

Here are smart and creative ways to find the right exterior colour for your home:

Know Your Home’s Personality

Much like you, your home has a personality, too. The neighbourhood, your lifestyle, and your geographic location have shaped it.

The experts at Global Decorating say choosing the colour for your home should reflect its personality. Depending on it, you can choose a classic colour palette or young, trendy, and out of the box hues.

Use Nature as Backdrop

The surroundings—the trees, lawn, flowers, and bushes—should guide your colour selection in a beautiful way. Much like beach homes, mountain homes, and tropical-inspired homes, you have the surrounding nature to draw inspiration from.

Simply use the colours around your home. You can take cues from the sky and forget-me-nots in the garden, and opt for beautiful pale shades of white, blue, green, purple, or yellow.

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Recreate an Exterior from Your Past Vacation Spot

You can also draw inspiration from your previous trips. Think back of the creative and unique hues. If your previous tropical getaway was something you would never forget, use the island colours for your own home. Go for bright and whimsical colours for your exterior, such as peach, yellow, coral, turquoise, and lavender.

These colours are great, but remember that your home should still look great among the neighbouring houses.

Be Unique, but Blend

The neighbourhood probably has a colour scheme already set in place. Try to walk around and observe the existing homes. See if the neighbours have coordinated and complementing styles; if they are all custom colours, then choose whatever you want. Go crazy.

The key here is to choose colours that are unique, but still blend in beautifully with the other homes.

Your exterior colour is literally the biggest (in terms of square foot) design decision you will ever make, so choose well.