3 Great Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Fit for Royalty

The home is composed of many different spaces that serve all sorts of purposes. Of these spaces, many say that privacy and comfort is best epitomised by the bathroom.  It is where you can relax and treat yourself to a warm bath or a refreshing showerBathroom to wash off stress and anxieties.

Many families in Australia take pains to ensure their bathroom has all the right amenities to meet their demands for comfort. Some, however, think twice about renovating their bathroom, mostly because of its relatively small size. Some homeowners are quick to assume that they will not get the same quality with a smaller bathroom.

Fortunately, experts in bathroom renovations Perth residents trust say that there are things you can do to make your small bathroom feel significantly more spacious. Here are some pointers you need to know about to have a bathroom fit for royalty.


Minimise the Width

Large bathroom fixtures and furniture can make the space look cramped and smaller.  One way to solve this is to do away with the bulky fixtures and replace them with smaller albeit more space-efficient ones. You can make the most of freed up space without compromising comfort.

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Allow More Light In

If you want to make it feel spacious, it is best to let more light in by widening the windows and installing a skylight. Natural illumination can bring life to the space, and make it appear bigger than it really is.

Remove Walled Partitions

Your bathroom does not have to be walled up to have privacy. Walls and blocked partitions can disrupt the visual flow of the bathroom’s design and make it feel cramped. As an alternative, you can use glass shower screens or curtains to divide areas in your bathroom. You can still use the bathroom in private without sacrificing the aesthetic impact of the design.

You, too, can have your own bathroom paradise, even if it is small. With a few design and renovation considerations, you can make your bathroom look grander and more luxurious.